1. Identify the image you are interest in from any of the nature photography or digital photo art galleries - the reference name for an image is the last part of the title, for example "landscape001" or "photoart001", etc.
2. Decide how large you want the image to be printed. View available size options and prices here (keep proportions in mind).
3. Decide which type of printing and finishing you prefer (Canvas or Alu Dibond Direct Photo Print). View available options here.
4. When you are ready to order, send us an email (wdunam@gmail.com) specifying your preferances. Please include your full name, street and postal address, and contact telephone number.
5. If you are living outside of Germany, postage is EXTRA. Request postage fees by email.
6. When we receive your request, we will email back ASAP to confirm all the details of your order and email you a small image to make 100% sure it is the correct image you ordered.
7. After you confirmed that the image is the correct one, we will send you an invoice including postage fees, and we will provide you with our PayPal name. You can then proceed with the payment. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still use the PayPal platform and pay with your credit card via PayPal without opening an account with PayPal (this option may not be available for all countries).
8. If you prefer to pay from your bank account via electronic fund transfer, we can provide you with our German bank account or our Namibian bank account (if you are living in Southern Africa).
9. Please send us an email if you need to clarify anything prior to ordering.

If you want to order images with other printing and / or framing options than listed here, send us an email with your request.


Printing & framing will take up to 9 days after we have received your payment, and depending on your country, postage may take an additional 4 to 25 days.

All images are signed, usually at the right bottom on the image itself
(Please take note that our printed image will not have a watermark on as is displayed on our website) 

We offer a refund policy if the image is damaged during postage (this is extremely unlikely as we will use sturdy packaging). If you receive a seriously damaged parcel, do not accept the package and send it back to us. After we received the image, we will claim a refund from the courier company, and refund you or replace the image after we have been refunded. This may unfortunately take a considerable time.

We do NOT offer a refund if you are not satisfied with the image. Rather make 100% sure you want the image before ordering.


If unsure if an image you like is the right one for your home, make use of our free service where we offer to embed an image you may like into a photo that you took from the room in your home. Refer to the home page for more details.

If you are living within about 60 kilometers from Ingolstadt we are also offering to visit your home / office to discuss your choice and take photos to embed our image in your space to help you make a better choice - this we also offer as a free service without any commitments from you to buy any image from us.

© Wynand & Claudia du Plessis,  Ingolstadt,  GERMANY

Diese Seite ist momentan nur in Englisch verfügbar, aber wir können Sie auf Deutsch beraten
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